Reusable makeup removal Loffme

Reusable makeup removal Loffme

Loffme reusable makeup removal towels and reusable cotton pads are a product for women consciously choosing ecological solutions following the idea of less waste. We can use it in a multifunctional way- as face care and makeup removal product. Both activities can take place without the use of cosmetics with just water. The degree of hydration of the material depends on whether it will perform the function of cleansing or gentle peeling. To wash off the makeup well, Loffme towels should be strongly moistened with warm water, if you need a gentle exfoliating effect you should gently moisten the material or wet face skin should be wiped with dry material. You can also use our products with oils and micellar liquids only if you choose this kind of skincare. Before applying the cosmetic you should block the absorbency of the material by gently moistening it with water.

Each woman can choose a product for her skin type. 

The Antibacterial makeup removal towel is recommended for acne skin.  The silver used in it has an antiseptic effect, soothes irritation, and prevents the spread of inflammation.

Towel for makeup removal Normal is a product for normal, oily, and mixed skin.

Towel for makeup removal Soft is a product for sensitive and for weakened by hormonal therapies skin.

You can be eco!

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