Loffme’s reusable hygiene products are divided into four categories:

Intimate hygiene

Reusable sanitary pads and panty liners

They are ideal for active women of all ages and are an alternative to traditional disposable hygiene products.

Recommended for everyday use: at work, at home, during exercise, and travel. Loffme sanitary pads and panty liners offer great comfort – they are so thin that they are barely noticeable on underwear and, thanks to the adjustable Velcro fastener, they always stay in place.

It’s worth using them at the time of:

  • irritation of the intimate area,
  • the occurrence of vaginal discharge and itching of intimate areas,
  • vaginal dryness,
  • elimination of the unpleasant smell of intimate areas,
  • recurrent intimate infections,
  • urinary incontinence,
  • disorders of vaginal microflora balance (after or during antibiotic treatment),
  • daily protection and care of intimate places.

Reusable lactation pads

Recommended to women at the beginning of maternity. Airy and delicate layers of the pad perfectly absorb the excess of breast milk and protecting sensitive areas from irritation. Ultra-thin and discreet pads provide comfort and freedom of wearing. For proper hygiene, the absorbent layer is antibacterial and hypoallergenic.

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Facial care

Makeup removal towel Normal, Antibacterial, and reusable cotton pads

Loffme makeup removal, cleansing, and facial care products are ideal for people with normal, mixed, and allergic skin. They remove makeup just with water alone and have a gentle exfoliating effect. They do not affect the lipid layer of the skin.

Reusable Loffme facial products:

  • perfectly absorb impurities in the form of excess sebum and makeup,
  • allow protecting the delicate lipid layer of the skin,
  • eliminate the need to use makeup remover, exfoliating cosmetics, facial cleansing gels, and toners,
  • soothe irritation and inflammation,
  • are an ideal solution for people with allergic skin problems.

Body care

Fitness towel and bath towel

Loffme ultra-lightweight and extremely absorbent towels are ideal for active people whose skin is exposed to contamination and sweat during physical activity. When used, the towel gently exfoliates the epidermis without affecting the lipid layer of the skin, soothes irritation, and gives a cooling sensation.

The barrier structure of the material prevents the development of fungi and bacteria. In combination with increased absorptivity and fast drying time, the towel does not emit an unpleasant smell. Loffme towels are hypoallergenic and provide UV protection (UPF80 according to UV Standard 801).

Protective face masks

Reusable Loffme hygienic masks are made of barrier material – breathable, hypoallergenic, safe for children, allergy sufferers, and people with very sensitive skin. Our masks are safe for health, comfortable, and pleasant to the touch.

Ideal for indoor use (stores, office) and outdoor activities and sports, even on hot days. They wick moisture very quickly, don’t hinder breathing, don’t scald, and don’t increase sweating under the mask.

Loffme masks are worth using in case of epidemiological threat and flu season. They will be particularly useful in situations of potential contact with ill people (public places, public transport, hospitals, pharmacies), as well as during the care of the elderly and immunocompromised people.

Studies by the French government agency (DGA) have confirmed the filtering properties of the material – for particles of 3 μm the filtration is at 97.6%, which means significant antiviral protection.

Tests and certificates

Tests and certificates confirming hypoallergenic and barrier properties of the material:


The material from which we make Loffme products is the only one in Europe to be certified by the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation – ECARF. The certificate has been awarded since 2006. The certification is granted to companies whose products or services are safe for allergy sufferers. The ECARF symbol on a product means that it is friendly for people with various intolerances, dermatoses, and allergies.

ECARF was developed following the guidelines and criteria set by scientists from European medical universities. To be certified, the manufacturer must prove that the product contributes to improving the quality of life of people who sufferers allergies and is hypoallergenic. The tests carried out to obtain the ECARF certificate have clearly shown that the material meets these requirements.

OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Class 1

Another certificate confirming the quality of the material from which we make Loffme products is Oeko-Tex standard 100, which certifies the quality of textile and textile products that have direct contact with human skin. The Oeko-Tex organization assigns the certificate to products on which tests have been carried out to verify the presence of the 100 most dangerous substances that endanger consumers.
Thanks to tests carried out in laboratories all over the world, certified products are free of agents that adversely affect human health (including formaldehyde, pesticides, or substances that may cause allergies). Factors such as foreign odors or resistance to sweat and saliva are also assessed.

GDA tests

The material of the Loffme protective masks has been tested by the French Army Procurement Agency (DGA – Direction Générale de l’Armement). The tests confirmed its high filtration properties and protection against 3 μm particles (viruses including SARS-CoV-2 – Covid19 inducing coronavirus) at 96.7%. Thus, Loffme masks were officially approved in France as an effective personal protection measure during a pandemic.