Menstruation during trips a.k.a. reusable sanitary pads go on vacation

Menstruation during trips a.k.a. reusable sanitary pads go on vacation

We travel more often during summer than in other seasons. We visit near and far sides, swim in the sea, lake, and pool. High temperatures, limited access to the toilet, and not so ideal sanitary conditions make intimate hygiene, especially during menstruation, more challenging than usual. 

Intimate hygiene 

It is worth preparing ahead of time for a journey, and even more for the menstruation that will happen during the trip. The fundament should be consisting of caring for intimate hygiene, which will not only help to avoid infection but also feel safe and comfortable during the period. 

To easily wash up even during the many hours of travel or flight, it is worth to buy a reusable antibacterial towel. Loffme panty liners will also help you to protect your underwear during these days of the menstrual cycle that are without bleeding. 

One Loffme panty liner can be changed once every few hours without the risk of infection or irritation. It does not emit an unpleasant smell, is thin and breathable. Several inserts put in your backpack or suitcase will protect your underwear throughout your vacation.

Loffme inserts do not require immediate washing. Folded into an envelope, they can wait for several hours or even several days for access to soap and clean running water.

Travel-friendly reusable menstrual pads

Even if the everyday period is not a big challenge for you, your feelings may turn out to be completely different during the trip. Changing the time zone, climate, and even your daily routine may cause you to get your period earlier or later than you expected. 

Do not be surprised. Take with you a slightly enlarged set of reusable sanitary pads, in case the bleeding turns out to be more intense or the conditions for washing are not very favorable.

Luckily, you don’t need anything to wash Loffme sanitary pads except clean water and natural soap, which you will find both in a mountain hostel and on a lake campsite. Sometimes it can be more difficult to dry, as not all of us feel comfortable hanging out in the common space the sanitary pads or even ordinary underwear. 

For us, the girls from Loffme, as you can see in the pictures, this is not a problem, and changing the sanitary pads, their storage, washing, and drying (even in the rain) them was less of a challenge this year than the accompanying plague of mosquitoes and the use of besieged portable toilets.

And what are your experiences with menstruation during the vacations? Is laundry, drying, or changing the reusable sanitary towels in the field easy as at home, or does it cause you difficulties? 

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