For whom Loffme towels?

For whom Loffme towels?

Loffme towels, bath towels, and fitness towels are products made of certified material. The most important certificate in our opinion is ECARF, thanks to which the product was classified as hypoallergenic. In practice, this means that it can also be successfully used by people whose skin is burdened with various dermatoses, including Atopic Dermatitis (AD) and Psoriasis dermatitis (LSD). The skin with such a load requires systematic care, especially moisturizing, soothing changes, and gentle exfoliation.

Loffme towels have a gentle exfoliating effect and thanks to them we can get rid of the excess exfoliated epidermis without affecting the skin lipid layer. The epidermis, which we then wipe off, does not stop in the fibers of the Loffme towel and do not become a nutrient for possible fungi.  In the period of exacerbation of the disease, in addition to the measures recommended by the selected doctor, it is also worth taking care that the damaged skin during drying does not come into contact with additional outbreaks of bacteria and fungi. The towels we keep in the bathroom very often multiply due to their location and the moisture in the structures of the material.

The towels we offer you are made of fast-drying and barrier material, where there are no conditions for any microorganism to develop and which does not tend to hold an unpleasant smell, and thanks to which your skin will be cared for and healthy.

An additional advantage (in addition to the hygienic values) is their low weight and thickness, and at the same time, great absorbency and great resistance to damage caused by use and washing in high temperatures.

Daily body care with Loffme towels can be multifunctional for every household member – without age restrictions.

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