Cosmetics for intimate hygiene, do I really need them?

Cosmetics for intimate hygiene, do I really need them?

The number of cosmetics used every day should never become an indicator of the cleanliness of intimate areas. Unfortunately, according to industry research in Poland, we spend over 100 million a year on the purchase of intimate hygiene fluids and the sale of these products is still growing. There are already available on the market even intimate hygiene liquids for 3-year-old girls (!)

It seems a paradox that even though most people have such intensive hygiene and we can say that they are even overloaded with cosmetics, the number of bacterial and fungal diseases remains high. There are more and more frequent problems with fertility and tumors of the reproductive organs, and in small girls, partial urethral regurgitation is a consequence of the use of agents for intimate hygiene that disrupts the proper PH of the intimate area. Information that all those liquids have harmful parabens, skin-drying ethyl alcohol, SLS, or SLESO is also passed by gynecologists in their offices. The question is why it is so difficult for us to consider that this is another thing we should change to improve the quality and comfort of life.

How many of you women know that nature has equipped us with several protective mechanisms that significantly limit the penetration and existence of pathogenic cells into the vagina. One of the wonders of nature is that there are lactic acid sticks on the vaginal walls. They not only protect us but also produce hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide water) and this allows us to maintain an adequately acidic ph in the vagina. With such a liquid we very quickly wash out everything that protects us by introducing a set of pathogenic bacteria into the vagina.

The key to proper care of intimate areas is to use cosmetics with a natural composition, containing only a substance neutral to the body. Among them, there are those with antiseptic effects such as marigold, chestnut, rosemary, ginkgo, ivy, oak bark, or lady’s mantle. Such peculiarities will provide a sense of comfort and freshness, without adverse effects on the natural balance.

After giving up cosmetics, a withdrawal syndrome may appear, we may be uncomfortable with the fact that we do not smell of cherry or balloon gum, we may think that we are not clean. Physically there will be cleansing as well- we may have additional vaginal discharge or excessive sweat. It is best then to protect your underwear with the Loffme antibacterial pantiliner.

Our products, because they are made of materials classified as hypoallergenic, will greatly support our efforts to restore the natural state in our intimate surroundings.

You can use our silver towels for cleaning your intimate areas, which we have described as a makeup removal product, but its antiseptic effect can also be used for intimate hygiene.

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